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Owners Ruben Rodriguez Jr. and Louie Chavez began loading and delivering produce to the Bay Area and Los Angeles markets.  The two made deliveries even as far as Oregon and Washington states.

Today, Ruben supervises the Maintenance department.  He enforces a strong preventative maintenance program to ensure trucks are not delayed as a result of mechanical failures or breakdown.  In fact, since the inception of the BIT program, a safety inspection program instituted by the CHP, we have received several commendations.  We have six consecutive safety compliance awards illustrating that our preventative maintenance program is very effective.  As further precaution, a fully-loaded service truck powered by a highly-qualified mechanic is available 24 hours a day to respond to unavoidable and unforeseeable mechanical dysfunction.

Louie is the manager of Fresh Delivery's Dispatch division.  With the assistance of David, Peter and Roy, Louie coordinates the pickup, consolidation, and delivery of produce to customers in the Bay Area and Northern San Joaquin Valley.  On site at the docking facility, a night dispatcher oversees progress throughout the night and early morning.  Together they demonstrate the "Always on Call" motto adopted throughout the company.

Elida Chavez, wife to Louie and sister of Ruben, assumed the position of Controller when she joined the team in 1980.  Her accounting skills and experience proved invaluable to Fresh Delivery.  She now heads the Accounting and Personnel departments.  Together with daughter, Sophia, and several assistants, Elida formulates and executes customized procedures according to each customer's needs.

We have a committed team of experienced drivers, including well-qualified independent sub-haulers ready to serve the needs of our customers.  A training program offered by the California Highway patrol provides drivers with tools to promote safety and prevent danger in and out of the vehicle.